I find it fascinating that there are books upon books for women regarding dating advice/tips. Not to mention the endless array of magazines who talk from “Keeping Your Man Satisfied” all the way to “How did Brad keep Angelina?” And yet for men, there are only but a few books directed specifically for them. A majority of magazines and websites for men discuss how to meet and sleep with women. No long-term relationship tips. No advice for staying with one’s partner. Only advice on how to get a woman to go to bed with you and please them once they are there. Books for women cover everything surrounding relationships. Some areas more than others, but at least a wide variety of issues. The only problem sometimes with women’s relationship books is they focus too much on how women can change themselves rather than managing their weaknesses and focusing on their strengths.

My thought is if one would look at the relationship book section, one would see why women are becoming more frustrated and aggressive in relationships while men become more clueless about how to be in a relationship. And if you are thinking there are more women choosing to become lesbian in orientation and men are becoming the unbedded Casanovas, think again. Instead, the divorce rate continues to increase, domestic violence rises, and unhealthy, unhappy couples continue to self-destruct with fidelity. Not a pleasant thought.

What to take from this post? A book/magazine can provide good tips and insight to issues surrounding relationships. However, the message appears to be different for each gender and the practice can sometimes be as hurtful. Read with caution. Find a reading buddy and discuss why/why not to listen to the advice given. Men: read and write. Spend time to see what’s going on out there in the dating world. Not the “BS” one-night stand life reading materials, but maintaining a healthy relationship stuff. Are women confusing? Yes, but not impossible to understand. Sometimes it’s not understanding why women or men are the way they are, but rather it’s understanding what they are doing that’s more important. If you understand what’s going on, most of the time the why will be answered naturally.

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